Ashburnham Place

Branding | UK

Ashburnham Place and its people are a unique gift.  A vibrant community that provides excellent hospitality and care to all their guests. A connecting place and a hub that resources groups and individuals to be radical and bright through all of life. Their desire is that people will come to Ashburnham Place and find exceptional levels of welcome, refuge, challenge, inspiration, learning and peace.

The brand was developed upon their vision and values and nevertheless their remarkable history. The shape of its unique building has always been the postcard souvenir for all and we believe it would represent really well who they are. A warm red with a spicy touch of Oak builds up the icon to make the logo and visual identity unique, vibrant and inspiring.

Please check out below some of their social content and a small gallery of photos shared by them and reposted here with the respective permission.

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